NSW Design & Practitioners Act and Regulations

The DBP Act, enacted in June 2020, imposes multiple new obligations on design practitioners and builders throughout the life of the building to ensure better compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) underpinned by higher quality design documentation. 

Consultation on the development of the supporting Regulation has highlighted a focus on ensuring that each step of construction is well-documented and compliant. To drive this this the Regulation includes detailed requirements for "regulated designs" (and variations to them) at set points throughout the design and construction process. 

Epoch Designs and the DBP Act

Accredited Building Designer, Dusko Radovic is a NSW Registered Design Practitioner Reg. No. DEP0002920. 

Epoch Designs can assist with providing the following:

  • Provide Regulated Design Documentation for a Class 2 building or a building with a Class 2 part;

  • Evaluation of Design Documentation to ensure compliance with the Building Codes of Australia (BCA);

  • Issue Declaration for compliance with the BCA;

  • Issue Declaration of Variations on Regulated Designs for compliance;

  • Lodgements of relevant applications via NSW Planning Portal;

  • Assistance and guidance to achieving compliance for a Class 2 building or a building with a Class 2 part.