Our Services

At Epoch Designs we offer a wide range of services to get your project ready for construction. Below is list of some services that we provide. 

Undertaking either a renovation or new build can be difficult or overwhelming, that is why we are here to help guide you through the project making it as stress free as possible.

Epoch Designs can assist with documentation regarding Class 2 buildings. 

Conceptual Design Phase (CDP)

  • This is the first phase of a project. At this stage we design and work closely with the client to develop a brief for the proposed building works. This sets out what exactly is required and any specific needs or wants the client may have.

Construction Certificate (CC) Phase

  • A Construction Certificate is your permission to commence building works on site. Its aim is to make sure it complies with the National Construction Code (NCC) as well as other relevant standards.  The CC phase has multiple tasks to be completed at this phase.

Design Intent Management

  • Setting up regular site meetings.

  • Responding to issues which occur on site.

  • Preparing additional documentation and details as required due to site circumstance and/or client changes.

  • Provide instructions to clarify the contract documents where required.

  • Coordinate consultants.

Development Application (DA) Phase

  • The designer will review the chosen conceptual designs in response to client feedback. This phase includes all documentation, 3D perspectives, reports and certificates ready for approval. 

Tender Stage

  • The Tender Phase is optional. More and more clients are finding a builder is to use one recommended by their Building Designer as they have gained trust from previous projects. It is also a great idea to engage a builder at an early stage of the project to achieve cost control and more.  

Other services

  • 3D Perspectives

  • BASIX Certificate

  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) report

  • Waste Management Plan (WMP) report

  • Shadow Diagrams

  • Variation Management

  • Post Practical Completion

We guide you the whole way to your future home.